The following persons constitute some of our key personnel and strategic partners who will help manage both the Organization  and MIGPLC’s operations in Cambodia:

    • Dr. Robert Q. Lam – Chief Executive Officer, General Director.
      Dr. Lam has over 50 years of hands-on diversified experience in all aspects of private equity and institutional investment, international business development, trade and financial services. He has extensive experience doing business in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Russia, Laos, as well as other Southeast Asian countries. His areas of expertise include the following: international investment banking; corporate finance; telecommunications; developing joint venture alliance partnerships; mining operations; project financing; and real estate acquisitions, development and construction of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Since 1996, Dr. Lam has served as CEO of The Millennium International Group, LLC, a California limited liability company based in Cupertino, California USA (“MIGUS”). MIGUS is a multinational holding company engaged in investment, trade and consulting services. MIGUS subsidiaries include: The Millennium Real Estate Development Group, LLC; The Millennium Global Solutions Group, Inc.; The Hotels and Resorts Nha Trang Co., Ltd.; The Millennium International Group, Co, Ltd.; Metal Mining (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.; Garuda Net Co., Ltd.; and The Millennium International Group, PLC (“MIGPLC”, our parent company). Dr. Lam has also served as chairman and a member of the standing committee of First NIS International Bancorp (Nauru, Luxembourg and USA), chief operating officer of Econotech Al Ghalayini International Group (EAI) Ltd. (Moscow, Russia), and as president and CEO of Magnum Ayala International Financial Group, Ltd. (Hong Kong). Dr. Lam also helped to bring about one of the largest investment deals in Vietnam with MIGUS with VimpelCom (NYSE: VIP) and Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security to form a Vietnamese jointstock telecommunication company (GTEL Mobile -Telecommunication Services).GTEL Mobile later began to provide mobile services under BEELINE in Vietnam. Among numerous other companies and ventures, he helped found the US-VN People to People Entre Aid Mission Foundation, a non-profit charitable NGO. A veteran of the Vietnam War, and recipient of Congressional Businessman of the Year awards in 2000-2001  Dr. Lam is fluent in English, French and Vietnamese and working knowledge in Cantonese  He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration from La Salle University, Pennsylvania, in 1996, and his law degree (Juris Doctor) from Southern California University-Professional Studies in 1999.
    • Mr. Robert Lawrence Ichien – President , Director
      Mr. Ichien has more than 40 years of technology industry experience leading change and continuous improvement across a broad range of technical and business disciplines, such as product development, engineering, operations and business development. Mr. Ichien joined MIGPLC in 2004 as their Executive Vice President of International Business Development. Prior to MIGPLC, Mr. Ichien held executive engineering positions at Applied Materials, Inc., the global leader in providing innovative equipment, services and software to the semiconductor, flat panel display and solar photovoltaic industries. He previously held leadership positions at Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. Additionally, Mr. Ichien was the Chief Soil Chemist and laboratory manager at the Soil and Plant Laboratory in Santa Clara. California. Mr. Ichien earned his Chemistry degree from San Jose State University.
    • Mr. Huy Lam Chief Operating Officer , -Director
      Dynamic C-Level Executive with 25 years of vast hands-on experience in all aspects of entrepreneurial business operations, finance, organizational structure and management. Prior to joint MIGPLC Mr. Lam held executive management at Securant Technologies responsibilities in all corporate finances with focus on budgeting, reporting, financial projections and analysis. he lead an executive team on acquisition of the Company by RSA for $ 155 MM Me Lam was project director and Sr Business Analyst for for Wholepeople.com lead to cross-functional team to launch and optimized Whole-Foods Market’s Lifestyle site. Additionally Mr. Lam was Finance Manager and Sr Financial Analyst for Silicon Graphics Mr. Lam earned his Commerce degree major in Accounting , from Santa Clara University Santa Clara California .
    • Mrs. Lan Chi Lam MBA ,PMP, SCPM, SA. Comptroller, Director .
      Dynamic Operations Leader with over 20 years of cross-functional business, IT,consulting, portfolio, program and project management hands-on experience. Demonstrated cross-functional leadership, business , operations strategy planning and execution project/programs/ portfolio management and governance processes, and business process improvement and re-engineering. Prior to joint MIGPLC Mrs. Lam held executive position in Business Operations from Cisco Systems, Inc
      Mrs. Lam received BA degree from University of California at Berkeley. MBA in Finance, from Leavey ,School of Business , Santa Clara University, and a Stanford Certified Project Manager and certified Project Management Professional from George Washington University.
    • Mrs. Huong Thu T. Truong MBA Executive Vice-President for Human Resources and Administration, Director
      Mrs. Huong has twenty years of hands-on experienced in international trade, product sourcing, business administration and management. Her areas of expertise include international trade; import-export; business administration and management; human resources; and logistics. Prior to joining the Millennium family of companies in 2002, she was a logistics specialist and assistant operations manager with Khanh-Minh Limited Liability Company, an international trade and import/export firm catering to hotels and cruise vessels. Mrs. Huong is fluent in English and Vietnamese, and has working knowledge of Cambodian . She received BA degree in business and MBA from Ho Chi Minh University-Vietnam
    • Mr. Norman C. Nguyen –MBA , Chief Financial Officer , Director
      Mr. Nguyen has extensive experience in the areas of accounting and financial controls for 40 years. Among other responsibilities, he organizes, prepares, reviews and authorizes expenditures ranging from budgets to payroll. Active in both the private and public sectors, he maintains a position at the Alum Rock Union School District and formerly Chief Accountant at the Department of Community Education in Los Gatos California and Internal Auditor for the city of Berkeley ,California Prior to serves in public sector Mr. Nguyen also work in private sector including but not limited to DPI Services, Disabled Programmers ,Inc and Interlab Robotics, Inc Mr. Nguyen also hold a position executive position in finance and accountant with U.S,-VN People to People Entre Aid Mission Foundation a US NGO.
      Mr, Nguyen received BA Degree in finance from Michigan Sate University in 1974 and MBA from Golden State University in 1978 He has practiced before the Internal Revenue Service and is ATA Accredited Tax Advisor.
    • Mr. Giang To Pham-Sr. Vice President for International Development Director
      Mr. Pham has over 25 years of progressive experience in business development, sales and finance. His last 10 years have been focused in Southeast Asia, establishing high-level business networks in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. Mr. Pham is also the Vice President Strategic Alliance Partnership for MIGPLC in Cambodia where he overseas and secures strategic partnerships for major mining, telecommunications and gaming projects. Prior to MIGPLC, he oversaw all financial aspects of the service business units as a Director of Finance for Cisco Systems. Mr. Pham holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from California State University, Hayward, California, and, besides English, he is also fluent in Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai.
    • Mr. Yusef Malik Hughes Brooks MBA -Group President for Corporate Finance and Strategic Alliance Partnership Affairs
      Mr. Malik brings twenty years of international diplomacy, trade and finance to the Millennium International Group. Starting his career working for the House of Cassini. Yusef learned valuable lessons from the Counts Igor and Oleg. During his time working with them he learnt invaluable lessons in diplomacy as he accompanied them on various diplomatic missions. After working with the House of Cassini, he took an internship with his Eminence Avery Cardinal Dulles and attended Penn State University where he graduated with a B. A in International Finance as well as an MBA in Finance from Wharton Business School. Upon graduating he was elected irrevocable Trustee of Howard Robard Hugh’s Family Trust, Atlas Monetary International Trust. His family trust work leads him to setting up and consulting various family Trust. These families include Fugger, Rothschild, Hinduja, Hua, Tsai, and Chen… As a Trustee ATLAS he arranged financing for various international development projects. As director of Centennial Energy Group via his trustee work Yusef has raised over 1 Billion dollars in his 20-year career.
    • Sri Shannu S.K.Y Rao Group Sr. Vice President for Joint Venture Partnership and Administrative Support Affairs
      Mr. Rao graduated from The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg Virginia with a Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience. He began his career at Walter Reed Military Center and M&A at IBM Corp in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. He went on to serve as a Shareholder of Bask Technologies Inc, a Database Administration company acquired by Brainly. Mr.Rao is now a Managing Partner of Sona Industries LLC and the www.sona.world platform, an international advisory firm focused on Banking Instruments & Monetization, Intellectual Capital Market/Book Valuation Services, Expert Network Research Liaising, Fixed Income Desks, Asset Pools, Treasury Management, FX Desks, MiFID II, Mutual Funds Advisory, PPP Desks, Credit Risk Desks, Structured Finance, Bond Desks, Platform Services, Treasury Regulatory Forensics, Funding Desks, MTM Desks, Virtual Treasurer Zones, ECL Desks, Futures Commissioning Merchants, Commodities Trading Advisors, Hedge Fund LP Nominations, and various other Cash Management & Treasury Imperatives. Mr Rao seats on Boards  with High Technology companies, Bona fide Hedgers, High Net Worth Family Offices, Allocation / Commitment Holders, and Fixed Income Securities / Capital Markets participants. Mr. Rao conducts Technical consulting for a variety of Trusts across the World.
    • Mr .Michael Nguyen D. Le Group Sr. Vice President for International Affairs
      Since 1998, he has been a consultant for governmental, institutional, and private investors for strategic investments and business development at the Municipal, Regional, National and International level. For private companies seeking “seed” funding or financing for different levels of expansion, as well as companies pursuing overseas expansion; Michael has a proven track record in consultancy for Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Financial Structuring. His works encompasses sales planning, strategic marketing, long-term closing cycle, scheduling / executing the ideas and processes into successfully manufactured products and profitable ventures.
    • Mr.Vu Ngoc Son-Chief Geologist and Sr. Vice President for Mining OperationsMr. Vu is an accomplished geologist with extensive experience in the geological engineering exploration industry in Southeast Asia. Prior to joining the Millennium family of companies, he was a former general director of multiple exploration, construction, and mineral projects for the Vietnam government’s Vietnam National Minerals Corporation. He also was a specialist of technical planning in the trading department of Lam Dong Gemstones and Gold, a Vietnam joint stock company. He also was in charge of technical planning for the gemstones trading department of the Tay Nguyen Gold and Mineral concern in Vietnam. Mr. Son has personally conducted multiple mineral surveys throughout Southeast Asia. He is a member of INQUA Vietnam and received his degree from the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology in 1981
    • Mr. John Kiriakou Vice President for Government and Business Development Affairs,He was a former CIA counterterrorism officer, former senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and former counterterrorism consultant for ABC News. He was responsible for the capture in Pakistan in 2002 of Abu Zubaydah, then believed to be the third ranking official in al-Qaeda. In 2007, Mr. Kiriakou blew the whistle on the CIA’s torture program, telling ABC News that the CIA tortured prisoners, that torture was official U.S. government policy, and that the policy had been approved by then-President George W. Bush. In 2012, Mr. Kiriakou was honored with the Joe A. Callaway Award for Civic Courage, an award given to individuals who “advance truth and justice despite the personal risk it creates,” and by the inclusion of his portrait in artist Robert Shetterly’s series Americans Who Tell the Truth, which features notable truth-tellers throughout American history. In 2015 Mr. Kiriakou won the PEN Center USA’s prestigious First Amendment Award in the first Blueprint International Whistleblowing Prize for Bravery and Integrity in the Public Interest and the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence.
      In 2016. A second portrait, by the noted Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution. Mr. Kiriakou is the author of multiple books on intelligence and the CIA
    • Mr. Douglas C Melvin Vice President for Corporate Security Affairs
      He has security professional with 30 years of international and domestic security management hands-0n experienced serving Director for White House, Federal Security Director for Homeland Security , Chief of Security of the United States Agency for International Development, U.S. State Department, Country Director for Multinational Forces in Iraq and Project Manager for UNCCT Nigeria project. Mr Melvin have extensive professional experience in conducting and managing counter-Terrorism projects and Preventing Violent Extremist (PVE) programs for the most sensitive and complex organizational for the U.S. Government, Member states and the United Nations. Mr. Melvin earned M.S.in Security Management, at Webster University, ST Luis Mo and Graduate at U.S. Army Command and Staff College Master’s Program
    • Mr. Nguyen Viet Vuong – Chief Accountant
      Mr. Vuong attended the Orient University in Hanoi, Vietnam, where he specialized in auditing and accounting. Later he obtained his Chief of Accounting Certificate (NEU). His past accounting work experience includes Vinaconex Corporation and serving as an Chief Accounting at The Millennium Global Solutions Group Corporation and The Millennium Hotels & Resorts Nha-Trang Co., Ltd.
    • Mr. Ravuth Chea: Director of Administration and Logistics
      Mr. Chea has over 15 years of diversified experience in business administration and mineral logistics He began his career with MIGPLC as office administration and human resources manager . Presently , his duties and responsibilities including but limited to provide administrative support to managers and employees to ensure efficient operation of the office, In additional to administrative tasks he is also in charge of full function of logistics procedures and management within the role Mining/Minerals environment. Prior to MIGPLC Mr. Chea held position as Administrative and Logistics position at Garuda Net Telecom Co., Ltd and Metal Mining Co., Ltd. Mr. Chea earned his Business Administration degree from Orient University in Phnom Penh, The Kingdom of Cambodia. He speaks fluent in English, Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai.


Dove Equipment & Machinery Co. Ltd

(“Dove”) is a major manufacturer and supplier of mining, minerals processing, rock reduction and aggregate technology. Dove provides a wide range of products and technical services all under one roof for the planning, exploration, development and exploitation of non-fuel mineral resources, covering the total life cycle of mining any project. Dove supplies machinery, equipment and accessories for surface mining of primary (hard rock) deposits, as well as secondary (placer) deposits. Dove supplies equipment and machineries for extraction, recovery and processing of diamonds, color gemstones, gold and other precious metals, base metals, ferrous metals, light metals, sand, gravel, and coal.

Dove is one of Asia’s major manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of mining, minerals processing, rock reduction, aggregates, earth moving, and construction equipment and accessories. With over 35 years of manufacturing experience, Dove has an established track record of reliability and performance around the globe

Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc. (“Terra”),

Tera  is a geoscience services company that brings innovation to the natural resource exploration process by addressing some of the most challenging natural resource prospecting problems of the modern era. Using alternative remote sensing, geochemical and micro-seismic technologies developed over decades, Terra helps natural resource companies understand the subsurface better, saving them time and money, increasing their chances for exploration success. Using various technologies and methodologies, Terra delineates subsurface structures across territories of any size, geography, accessibility or condition

Darin H. Mangum Esp

One of Top Country Rated Experts in SEC and Securities Law

Since 1999, Mangum & Associates PC has been one of the #1 rated expert boutique SEC and securities law firms in the United States focused on hands-on advisory services to clients who raise capital through the private and public equity markets, including hedge funds, private equity, oil and gas, technology, special purpose investment funds, EB5 regional centers, and direct public offerings of equity and debt securities.

Our seasoned securities attorneys have spent their legal careers focused on helping clients navigate the U.S. Securities laws and remain compliant with SEC rules and regulations. With our in-depth knowledge, we are able to offer a highly sophisticated solution to emerging and established issuers.

Please Note : Biographical summaries of other key personnel, consultants or strategic partners are available upon request.


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